No Bordom Eating Ever! Bad Stomach.


The storm didn’t hit today as planned, my mom who is made of sugar, is afraid of melting in the rain made herself sick so we couldn’t go swimming today. I told her we have to go tomorrow. When I don’t swim I eat very light and my farm fresh delivery came at 2 am. I had forgotten that because of the heat inside the house I didn’t get leafy greens but more fruits and roots, I did get kale and cabbage so I do have some.
I slept through the day but I was able to put the delivery away and boil some eggs to be pickled with beets. With the upcoming heat after a storm, I will be making more sandwiches to not heat up the kitchen.
I have noticed that since I started swimming I’m not as hungry, and that I make sure that I don’t do bordom  eating. I don’t keep bad sweets around the house, my mother has no willpower what so ever, I make mom her sweets, cutting back all or most of her sugar, salt.

Didn’t realize how many stomach muscles are used doing the doggie paddle, my ribs and lower back are killing me. I have to swim tomorrow. Two times a week is not enough.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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