In My Dreams, I’m Still 20, Then I Wake Up!


I think that this cartoon covers everything, I just can’t get my mind and body to agree on anything.

One minute I’m about to start a project, the next I’m waking up from my nap. I don’t even have a garden anymore. I do need to start my grandsons quilt, he’s due to be born next month, and I haven’t cut a piece of material, and I haven’t found my sewing machine, so the whole quilt will be done by hand.  No wonder I kept putting it off. well since I also have to hand embroidery the animals, I need to really get started. Since mom made herself sick on Friday, I made her take me swimming on Saturday, hopefully I never have to do that again. crowded, and in your face people, one was preaching at the spa, the others were talking political garbage, and one was trying to rent his house in Mexico “near the beach ” (well, 30 minutes inland ) for  $100.00 a month.  Me, I just kept doggie paddling from one end to the other of the pool.
I can’t believe that I missed writing on here yesterday, I guess I dreamed that I did but never checked, I am trying so hard to get into a routine yet I am missing the whole picture. I’ll I can do is keep trying until I get this right.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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