When I’m Bad, I’m Oh, So So Bad!


This works for food as it does for people, I embrace people as they come into my life and I have no problem kicking them out, same with food.
I allow myself to be bad when it comes to food, I can eat anything I want, I am lucky that I can do everything in moderation.
I can remember, as a bodyguard to the stars, I would get offers to have sex from my childhood crushes, to be honest, turning some of them down was the hardest decision-making this girl would ever have to make. Foods are so much easier to walk away from.

Today was not that day, I wanted to be bad, letting go of all the hard work for just today. I got the butter classic burger from jack n the box, jalapeño poppers, and egg rolls, and a glass of port.


Okay, I turned it into two different meals, having the diet drink, egg rolls, and poppers for lunch.  But, my dinner, I turned into a grand affair, I had vegetables chips with a remarkable warmed up hamburger  (still can’t believe it comes from jack n the box ) my port unfortunately is no longer being made and is my last bottle. Depression is what I am throwing out of the windows, I will smile and enjoy my food choices for today.  Tomorrow I will swim a few extra laps, Tuesday after the gardeners leave I will go to Walmart and pick up my staples I don’t get at the grocery store  (that’s a good two hours of walking ) and I will have nothing to feel guilty about. I have been trying so hard and I just needed to let it all go.

We can’t get better if we build up new stresses trying to get better. So every once in a while allowing yourself to be Oh, so Bad, is a good thing.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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