I’m Fat, I’m working on it, What’s your problem?


We had a very rough morning and mom tried every trick in the book to stay home but I stood firm and we went to the pool way later than normal.  We don’t eat lunch until after our swim so I didn’t eat until after 3 pm, which means I don’t get dinner and it’s 10 pm and I’m starving. I do get a snack so I have to find something light to last me to morning, maybe some grits will do. I’ve taken a shower but all I can smell is chlorine, every movement emits that smell all over again, on the bright side, the smell takes the edge off of hunger.

Today, for a half hour I had the pool all to myself, I was able to float on my back and just kick my heart out and not worry about running into someone. I just couldn’t believe how rude people were or how dirty the pool area is all the time.  I mean Saturday there was a wad of tissue by the pool and today that same wad was by the wall, they have one trash can as you enter the locker room and not anymore through out the showers, pool, sauna and spa  (there is one in the bathroom ) I would hate to see the way these people live. I have a very vivid imagination and couldn’t get into the spa today because there was green floating things on the foam.  And it’s a new gym only been opened a few months.

What I would give to have a friend that has a pool I could use, hell, at this point I’m about ready to marry just for the use of a clean pool. I would be in heaven to wake up and swim in the morning, then the afternoon and again in the evenings, I would not be fat today if I could use a pool 3 times a day. I just wish I had the chance to get back in shape and not depend on others to get around. I love to have goals and work hard to complete them, but when the people you are supposed to lean on are the ones holding you back, why even make goals? Life is lonely without a friend to talk to.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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