Swim Harder and Faster than the Pool Sharks!


Today was my first blood test results since I started swimming, my numbers have really gone down, enough to make the doctor support my natural way of getting better.  My doctor reminded me that it took me 50 years to get out of shape and it will not get healthy overnight.  Keep swimming he told me, that the doggie paddle will help me tighten my skin as I loose weight, which I am now 387 pounds, down from the 400 starting weight.
The tests did show that I am starting to have problems with my thyroid and he said that there is no vitamins to help and would have to take a low dose of medicine, he is a lot like me, and said on the bright side, this could be why I’m having trouble losing weight.  He knows about my fear of side effects and said this is not a drug but something my body should be making itself but has stopped.
I go back in three months for my next blood work up, my doctor believes that if I keep swimming the way I am that in two years I will be a whole new person, perfectly healthy and normal again without insulin.
I am one step closer to getting my life back and moving to the Pacific Northwest.

Swimming to live, my mom is the only thing slowing me down, I told her she can sit out front and knit until I get done swimming since she has been making herself sick and falling just to get out of going. She is sick and very dependant on pain killers so I have to watch how I handle this, she is still mad at me for switching doctors and taking away her power of attorney over me when I caught her telling my doctor I needed pain killers which happens to be the same as she takes, then the doctor and I fighting because I refused to take all the pills she ordered to go with the pain killers. Never again will anyone be trusted to have power of attorney over my life.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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