FYI, You are Not Better Than Me, Just Different!


I am the first to fight for the underdog, I love to stand up for those not strong enough to fight for themselves. I spent most of my life putting myself in front of the the line of fire, protecting others and different causes. I believe that everything and everyone should have the right to be whatever they’re heart has called them to be. I believe that our differences is what makes us so special, that without any difference the world would be a very boring place to live in.  That being said, I also believe that every passion, cause, and fight for something should be done in moderation, without harm or judgment to the rest of us. I don’t believe in being told I cannot do something without a sound reason for the rule being made, and even then I want to have the chance to voice my opinion and research other options before the No word is put into law.

I never willingly set out to offend anyone but no matter what I will because I am different. Each of us have different thoughts, goals, beliefs, and ways of doing things, that’s not wrong it’s just a different way. But to enjoy the beauty of the vast array of differences one must be willing to listen and learn more and respect each and every voice out there.


This does not mean that you should shove your opinion in everyone’s face, the respect for difference is then gone. No idea, lifestyle, beliefs or choice is better than another, they are just different. When I was in school and I was not given a choice but forced to choose between friends, I usually picked the one not putting me on the spot or trying to force me to take sides. I quit drinking hard liquor because I wanted to, without programs or in your face advertising, same thing with smoking, the choice was mine, and mine alone.
The truth is, I don’t regret my choices at all, well until I see an advertisement that if I don’t quit my only choice is death, loss of limb or loss of love from family.  I smoked and drank hard from 10 years old till my 30’s for drinking and 50’s for smoking and it wasn’t until I quit that I got sick. So enough of my way or the highway, in your face advertising already.

Don’t get me started on door to door religious groups, I have faith and it’s not for you to judge. I am all for missionaries, reaching people who don’t have churches on every block or TV preaching, yes go give them new options, but respect their generations of believing without putting one belief above the other.
Now, I will end with lifestyle choices, I am literally excited about the changes in the churches and governments policies about marriage, I believe you should follow your heart and have the right to marry your hearts choice  (ok within the same species). I once attended the wedding of two domestic rats and it was televised.  But again, I say respect and moderation, I don’t like all the television shows I’ve watched for years writing changes in to make all the characters same sex couples, bring in new characters for that, I am sick of being forced to think that this should be the new normal for everyone. I don’t mind that you enjoy watching it but you just took away my right not to. My only choice was to turn off the TV, thank goodness for DVD’s of my choice.  Enough is enough, you got your difference approved and I’m happy for you, but in helping you fight to get there you are looking down on the very people who believed in your rights, you are not better than me, just different.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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6 thoughts on “FYI, You are Not Better Than Me, Just Different!

  1. Having been a missionary…there’s a place for them, even “here.” It’s better than in the old days, when Western Culture had to go along with the Gospel. These days folks ARE a lot more sensitive and respectful of others…mostly.


    1. Dearest Jonathan, I agree for the most part that some religious orders are considerate, I was talking about the ones that pound on my door, litter my porch with religious magazine and pamphlets even after I ask them to go away. Many of my friends are missionaries in China and I support them with all my heart.

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      1. Your funny! I tried so hard to not name names, but wanted to let missionaries that go overseas that I have great respect for their work. I just went back to Netflix so I can watch what I want to watch, what people do in private should be just that, I choose Abstinence myself so try to choose shows without much sex. Guess that’s what started the whole topic yesterday.


      2. I did wait til marriage. Some folks have their methods—I have mine. In my view, you and God gotta work that out—unless your excess becomes my problem. Too much Christian judging in the wrong places these days! Of course, it doesn’t help when a modern political group defines themselves by what they do in the bedroom! 😦

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