I Forgive you, but STAY AWAY!


Have you ever made a mistake that will forever haunt you? That would be my second marriage, he was beautiful, romantic and younger than me. I thought I was in heaven and so in love until one day. ….

I was young and needed to get away from my family quick, you see it’s a tradition in my family that you have until midnight on your 18th birthday to take whatever you want from the house before the locks are changed.  My problem was my 18th birthday was a weekday, I was living in the dorms of a private school, two hours away from home. I was able to get two trucks and make one trip, did I mention it was raining cats and dogs and traffic in Los Angeles is a nightmare. I packed everything I could into those trunks and said goodbye to the rest, I knew Good Will would be called in the morning.  Now, I had a few months before to make arrangements to store my stuff until I graduated from high school, but being raised Quaker, it never dawned on me to find a apartment and a roommate, instead, right after graduating I married one of my teachers.  Yes, he needed someone to cook and clean and I needed a place to stay so we worked it all out on paper.
For the first year we were just roommates, then we changed the contract to that of a real marriage.  Eight years later and two boys we parted friends.

After the divorce, I started dating a coworker, we also lived in the same complex, he would play with the boys when we went swimming.  He went into the service and we married, one year of hell, of cruel games, getting beat to a pulp and so many lies. Twice he tried to take my boys over the border, a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. It took me one year, one month, and eighth days to divorce him, change our name and move far far away. I didn’t stay hidden very long before I woke up in the hospital, he found me but not the boys because I didn’t give us the same last names.

Today, I got a panicked call from my youngest saying my ex had tried to friend him on Facebook. 25 years we have stayed hidden, I told my son do whatever he wants, me, I’m standing my ground and won’t ever be afraid of him again, I read he married again in 2013 a woman with a few kids God, please let him have changed.  But I don’t believe a leopard can truly change his spots. I am not the young trusting girl I once was, I’ve learned from the best, I worked death row in a mens penitentiary. I may be fat now but I will use that to sit on your skinny sorry face. Don’t forget who won the last time, you may have broke my body but my spirit is strong yet bendable and you don’t have power over me anymore.
Shhhh, ok I did let my diet go for the night, but just everything going on I needed comfort food. I’ll start over tomorrow.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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