You can Break my Bones, but Never my Spirit!


I know that in today’s world it’s very easy to get caught up in wanting someone’s approval of who we are, but for them to do this usually means that we have to change to their images of what we should be and not how we truly are on the inside.

We are not broken, we are tired, very tired of people who try to change us to their likings, forcing us to be someone who we were not meant to be. You know deep down inside that you are a good person, that your intentions are good, you care what happens to those most close to you, even if you cannot express those feelings publicly.  My eyes well up when I am sad, or overcome but I cannot cry so you can see; I was trained that way, I am not broken because of it.  But believe me the flood will come when I am alone and safe, the tears will fall.

Each and everyone of us are unique in our quirks and actions, yet in this vast array of differences we can find similar comparisons, enough to make us realize that we are not so different after all. The only thing different is the how we got to where we are, some arrive by violence, others by neglect, again we are not broken, we are survivors, we are here and give yourself credit, only the strongest survive.


I am a fighter, I have a strong will to survive and help as many people as I can along the journey, I don’t care about winning the race, I do care about enjoying the experience and friends and even the sometimes harsh lessons along the way. I just wish my body was as strong and willing as my mind and spirit.  But, like any broken bones, one day my body will be stronger to protect that part that was once broken, I’m mending now, life may have broken my body but my spirit is stronger than ever and KARMA is my friend.

Sticks and Stones may break my Bones, but your names, they cannot Hurt Me!

Name calling is as old as time itself, but it is just a word, a puff of foul breath coming from a insecure person.  People who try to use hurtful words to upset another do so out of retaliation for words thrown at them, or to make themselves puff up to try to impress other bullies who are watching.  These are the people I pity most, because they are willing to become what others want for approval, they are the weak and truly broken ones, not us, we have the strength to fight our demons and we do it daily, weekly and hourly; but these bullies or Trolls, spend their time looking for anyone’s weaknesses because they have no soul left to save themselves, so they prey on, and steal others to use to pile up as their stepping stone out of the pit they dug themselves into. If you ignore them they get bored and go away. They only have power over you if you give it to them, delete, block, report, these things are our friend, these people are not worth our time, let the professional cyber police have them.

When someone says something mean to me, I just smile, and think to myself, I sure am glad that I am Not like you! Then, I thank them, because I was feeling low, then this vermin shows up to prove that there is always a level below me, maybe even quite a few.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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7 thoughts on “You can Break my Bones, but Never my Spirit!

    1. I was just thinking about you, and I wondered if maybe this journey I am on is to help you and others going through the same thing. I have always believed that things happen for a reason, for every bad in my life that has happened I have been able to help someone, making the hurt worth it, and because of that, I would not change a single thing that has happened. I’m glad you find my writing helpful, I am here as long as you need me.

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