God Himself, forced me to take the Day Off!


Today I am forced by God himself to take the day off.

With the wildfires filling our valleys with heavy smoke, I find I can’t breathe and even the news says to stay inside with the air to filter the air.

I was about to do dishes but God put his foot down by sending thunder and lighting right above my head.

I couldn’t even check my email because of the storm so I went back to bed,well until my bladder kicked in.

We have only had a few drops of rain, we really could use a lot more. I am happy that what little bit we did have washed out the gazebo.

For the moment, the sky’s above are clear so thought I’d write so that you would know that I’m alright.

Even my friends on the other side of the pond should be able to Google the fires on hwy 15, in California.  it’s a bad one burning the cars on the freeway as it crossed the road. People abandoned their cars as they ran for safety. It has been a long night knowing that people I know take that route daily. Most have checked in.

I have fed all my critters, my yellow nape amazon, Clover, he gets fresh fruit and either oats or rice.  Then there are the two bullies, my cats both bottle fed strays found out in the field before houses went in. The mean one is My Precious, named after the rings in his coat, the sweetest one has the saddest eyes, that would be Honey Babe, because he has the softest honey colored coat. Then my dogs, momma and runt taken from the last take down of a puppy mill I helped to shut down. My crown jewel, Tiara and her runt no more, Pumpkin Pie, who have not left my side since I got them outside of their cages. I would love to vacuum today but I can’t with pumpkin in the house, those unhumans that ran the mill used a vacuum cleaner to suck the puppies out of the back of the kennel. Clover, my parrot is the only bought pet, because to travel with a bird you have to have documentation from the breeders.



I want to thank all of you who follow me, I hope in some way my daily writings will touch you in some way. I am honestly nothing special, I am humbled by your support, I am human and I fail at things all the time, I have broken nearly every bone in my body, having a few that needs surgery but would leave me with a 95% chance of never walking again, so I live with the pain. I was put into a coma from medicine going toxic in my body, so now I try only natural ways to get better. I find it easier to help others than to help myself. I live in fear of literally falling apart with every step I take. What I am good at is that no matter how broken I am I will fight to get back up, some days are just a little harder than others. I find the light in the darkness, even if I have to force myself to be the flame. I am fearless and fearful all at the same time, I am a dreamer, my will is strong to survive and save as many as I can along my journey, I hope that each of you enjoy the ride.
Thanks again

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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7 thoughts on “God Himself, forced me to take the Day Off!

    1. Sorry for the delay, storms took a break. You are correct our dogs look like twins, but I think pumpkin has whippet in her due to the high speeds she gets to when playing outside. But that long tapered nose and soulful eyes as she wakes me to take insulin has always from day one made me think of a weiner. everyone around thinks shes pit bull and chihuahua and I don’t see it, her head is not flat or wide. Well another storm is close and the lighting coming fast so I will quickly say thank you for your response and the beautiful pictures. I hope to hear from you soon.

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      1. i don’t think yours has pit bull or chichihua, just by that pic anyway. i would guess either a german shepperd mix. hope the storms ease off soon. 🙂

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      2. Storms about 4 miles away according to the thunder, I agree about the breed, the county vets going on what dogs were pulled out of the mill, he never considered that we brought in what was left behind and not the full breeds. well I will also try to find or take a better picture. good night

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