The Dreamer, The Hoper of Far-flung ideas!


Even with a full blown migraine, I will not allow myself to stop dreaming of better days.

My vitamins didn’t arrive today, I am hoping for tomorrow, I never realized just how much they are really working until I ran completely out.  The tart cherry, turmeric, and bergamot, cinnamon with the Lidoderm patches really kept my fibromyalgia and diabetes pain at bay, and has started to bring my glucose levels down. I can’t let my faith in a more natural way to get better waiver, I feel very strongly that I am on the right track. I at one point couldn’t survive the day without morphine every six hours and the Lidoderm 12 on 12 off along with amitripttyline, now I am slowly getting better with no groggy feeling in between.

I was trained to have a high tolerance for pain, I was paid to take the beating so whoever I protected was safe, I would never expect anyone to try what I am doing until I can prove it works. I have to go with my heart and gut feeling on this. I do appreciate every comment and encouraging words I have received. I have felt closer to everyone here than I ever had from family and so called friends.  Like everyone else, I have my good and bad days, my ups and downs and my highs and lows. It may take me longer than most to figure out the problem but I don’t ever stop thinking.

Some of you have called me strong, I try to believe that, but I am terrified of being in pain and work very hard to stay away from the pain and suffering that comes with it. I believe in all of you, so I will try very hard to believe in myself.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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