Facing Reality Can be Harsh!


When I was really little, before kindergarten little, I remember hiding my father’s belts, not realizing back then this was one of his triggers to make him even madder with me. I also now know it was the main cause and beginning to my dark childhood. You see, by taking the belts out of the picture, dad was forced to use his hands.
Don’t get me wrong!  I am in no way responsible for what he did, that is All on him! But who knows what would have happened if he continued to use the belts on me.

Sunday’s after church was spanking time even if I did nothing wrong.  My dad saw everything I did as wrong; I flirted with a man at church  (the pastor talked to me) I was sneaking off with boys  (I went to Sunday school class) and so on.

There was just something different that Sunday I hid his belts, he went ahead with the spanking, mom staying in the kitchen cooking the Sunday meal and would not come to help no matter how much I screamed.  She never came, and after dinner she would only say that if I was a better child, like my brother,  I wouldn’t make daddy so mad.

That older brother that could do no wrong, he once pushed me off the swing set, breaking my arm, but he swore he “Did it with Love! ” so for telling the truth he got a new bike and I got a cast and a spanking for tattling.

(Continued #2)

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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4 thoughts on “Facing Reality Can be Harsh!

    1. My Dearest kat, breath!
      I adore you so much for the strength and courage you give me. I haven’t even started to climb the mountain yet, I have only started putting on my shoes, for this walk is Brier patches hidden everywhere. I have to go slow since I take care of my mom and I will not allow my healing to stop hers. She has wiped her short time as my mom out of her mind. It works for her but not me. I am stronger than her and I will face my past head on.

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      1. you are strong! you will face down your Demons! and i think you are amazing for being able to be such a good child and continue to care for your mother while you are on your healing journey as well.

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