I Worked hard, so No One would Ever Feel like I Did!


I still can’t believe that Robin Williams is gone, his mind amazed and captivated me for hours on end. I was not lucky enough to work in his circle, many times I came very close but never had the pleasure of meeting him in person.

I understand the statement above, because I didn’t like my youth, I knew at a young age that when I grew up I would never treat another human being like I was treated. In fact, I would do everything in my power and work hard to put those people away. I would rather line them up and bring back the firing squad, but I respect karma way to much for that. I remember walking to the tower one night, I had a inmate ask me if I could really shoot him if he reached the fence? I didn’t even blink, and asked him if he wanted a smiley face or a frown on his ass as he tried.

My sons lived on the outside of that fence and therefore I would have no trouble at all to shoot anyone of them that tries.  Working in a mens penitentiary was not a life long dream job for me, I found for a few of the women that apply it’s their way to get a husband or have sex. I don’t think so!
Since I worked through the night, I had to do my first body count while most of my barracks were in the showers, these men would do anything to make me loose count and I only gave them that pleasure once and never again. I never patrolled the same way twice,  knowing that these men had nothing better to do than try to find a way to kill me, I was a trophy to be played with before the take down, I, at one point before I left had the price on my head up to 10 thousand dollars, that is a lot to a inmate that wouldn’t think twice to stab you just for a pack of cigarettes.  Sadly it was another officer who wanted me dead, he was a goodO’l boy, and as dirty as they come and didn’t want me spoiling his little operation.  Men, no matter what class they come from still believe women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen cooking, waiting for them. I have yet to meet one that doesn’t have this hidden somewhere in their subconscious mind.
I took the job because it was the only job to have the benefits I needed as a single mom, full medical was a must for a active Jr . high school football player.

Days I was a substitute at the Jr High, nights working at the prison, then trying to keep up with the PTA, who treated me like I was in Harper Valley, except one lady, who became my Dearest Friend and we still keep in touch through pictures on Facebook.

I have my first doctors appointment on Friday, and I just found out that my insurance will no longer cover my doctors after October 1st. I need to find a new insurance company. So besides trying to get on with my life I will be deciding on which carrier to choose. Just the thought makes me tired.

I can tell my mom is getting better, because she’s making her own meals and calling people she hasn’t seen in over 20 years, and leaving me alone.  She also ignores the fact that I need to pick up my thyroid pills, I have only one left.  My medicine doesn’t matter until she is out of something then we can pick up mine.
Tomorrow I will call my insurance company and find out what is going on and if I should even go to this doctor if she won’t be covered in a few months.
I need to invent something for dinner, with the end of the month scraps left over.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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