Hot as Hell, and I Don’t Want to Live Here Anymore!


110 degrees right now and it’s almost 5 pm, this is why I haven’t been able to work in the backyard to get the pool project finished. it’s like opening up the oven door. I have to get out of California, but even oregon and Washington are having a heat wave.

Is there any place left besides Canada and Alaska that is cooler?
I’m a winter person, I’m melting! !!

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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13 thoughts on “Hot as Hell, and I Don’t Want to Live Here Anymore!

  1. well, try considering the midwest–the farther north the more cold. i moved out of the midwest to get out of the freezing cold and slushy slick icy melty roads. now im in Phx Az–its not cold, but boy its hot! ( 110 today)

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    1. I have cousins and friends in Arizona, it’s the same as here, no thanks. I liked Chicago but not the city, I still love and feel more at home in oregon, favorite place is depo bay area, but maybe I will look higher closer to Washington. Tillamook would be perfect except I’d eat all the cheese and ice cream so that won’t do.

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      1. not sure if i want gooseberry ice cream (i remember it being pretty sour!), but maybe mixed with the blackberry, it might be ok.


    1. Unfortunately, that was one of our cooler days, this week should push 120 degrees, I may lose my orange trees if the leaves burn because the tree is full of blooms. October we will start to cool down.


  2. That’s a bit much. I live in Ontario, and the weather was terribly hot, every July is a bad month here, this July was very hot and we are having some 32 Celsius again this Sunday. Garden didn’t like it at all. Maybe some places are cool, but Ontario mostly isn’t in summer. I’m a summer person, and I hate winter, especially as it was last year here: six month terrible winds and huge minuses. You’d love Latvia where I am originally from, it’s usually mild there in winter and in summer.

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    1. Dear IPAPL, I am a winter person, I could be seen in shorts during a blizzard in Chicago. I only get cold if I am sick, here I sleep through the summer and get my stuff done during the winter. I have two places l still want to see one is the the UK the other Canada, and yes our winds knock down the screen and the plants and trees leaves burn.


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