Tossing and Turning, That is exercises, Right? Well it should Be!


I hate having to fast!

Last night I had to quit eating after midnight, no I am not a Mogwai or a Gremlin, I don’t pop out babies if I get wet, then again, I don’t like bright lights either, so maybe I am related them, but not really sure.

I went to have my blood drawn for my 3 months numbers check, I realized that this year at each 3 month check, I have been under a different doctor and I really like the one I have right now she has gotten more done from my insurance company in the last two weeks than the other doctors did during their 3 months. I received a box of Lidoderm patches for the next 3 months, this doctor seems to know how to push the right buttons, no wonder my insurance company doesn’t like her.

I had to take a break from writing, I had to call my insurance company and make sure that I don’t loose my new doctor, Monday I will call my doctors insurance representative and have her find me a better insurance company for next year that works better with this doctor. The only good things about this insurance was it covered the gym (but since mom got her infection from the spa we haven’t gone back)
And the other was a nurse that checked on you monthly and they took her away from me so what good are they? I also have to have mom check with the bank to see if they are double billing my account for my insulin, they called me Wednesday saying that my account had a balance due and that they couldn’t send me the patches until it was paid, so I gave permission and paid for both past and new. But today when my patches arrived it said that I still have a past due balance.  Only a few more months with them.
It’s almost 8pm and it’s still over 100 degrees outside if I drink anymore water I will burst but my neck and legs keep cramping. I hate hot weather!

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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One thought on “Tossing and Turning, That is exercises, Right? Well it should Be!

  1. It seems like you have been having a very busy time. Although, it does look like a few things are now getting sorted for the better.
    It’s always a relief, when you find a doctor that works well with you.
    Not great that you have to fast , good luck my Gremlin friend…lol xxx

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