I See You, I mean really See You!


I See You!

Since starting this blog I have come across some very special people, some of which I find myself caring about and if I don’t hear from them I check on them, and they check on me.
I have even made two very good friends that I hope as time passes we will meet and become lifetime friends for I never want to lose contact with either one.

I read this (below) and Only I Know the Real Me came flashing into my mind and heart and I just wanted her to know that I see, adore and cherish everything about her, from her scarecrow hair to the invisible puddle of tears at her feet. She is the first and dearest friend I made because I started my blog, and we except each other just as we are. I just wish we were not on each end of the globe away from each other, this is the best friend I always wished for and enjoy and look forward to every single comment and email. We are the perfect opposites and keep each other going from day to day.


(I copied this from my Facebook page. If you have Facebook friend “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
You never know what she will post.)


I want to also thank Souldiergirl for her incredible compassion and strength she shares willingly with everyone. She is a true surviver and we are bonded together by our losses life has given each of us, the healing process of nature. I find myself waking each morning hoping for a email letting me know we have one more day to fight and survive but never alone because we are friends and have each others back. I always thought that she is a girl worth dieing over and I will protect her with my life if needed.  She is my friend.
Please check out these blogs for you love what they have to say, they are two of the kindest, genuinely caring people I have ever gotten to know. If I could be blessed with sisters, I want both to be mine.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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20 thoughts on “I See You, I mean really See You!

  1. (Writing this through tears of happiness)
    I am blown away by your kindhearted words. I scrolled down the page and found your post, written with compliments about me. I was in shock, someone who I admire, had taken the time to share her loving thoughts with me.
    I think it is YOU , who is the greatest friend, as you have truly made me day.
    One day we WILL meet. xx

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  2. I certainly hope so, I want to see your side of the world through your eyes, you have a beautiful way of expressing my saddest thoughts that won’t come out of me, I find I cry through your words, so you would be able to show me what I have only been able to dream of. I swear, I was stolen from your side of the pond as a child, for I have never belonged here. I will work hard to get better so I can make the trip.

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  3. I am here! I am sorry it took so long-I love this post. It means so much to me and what a day for me to be reading it, when I woke up with such a heavy heart. I love you too my faithful Lisha. You are so inspiring to me. I feel like we are hand in hand- I really do. Please forgive me for my delay getting here-it has been a hard time lately. We are still fighting-I am still here.

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    1. I may not always like the time between your responses but no matter what I will always be here for you and cherish everything about you. I wish you would email me with your burdens, I will gladly take on some of your load. Never forget that I am here for you anytime for any reason. You are many hours away but actually my nearest friend. I have added a train trip to my goals to meet up with you, sending you a huge hug during this time. ♡♥♡

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      1. Oh thank you Lisha! I will email you- I am actually taking a couple hours for myself today because I’m so exhausted. I am new at this too- believe it or not- and still getting use to talking about “me”. I guess I am still riding myself of all the negative stuff said over me and realizing- hey I am worthy to be loved too and I am worthy to share- I have a voice :)) thank you for being so faithful and kind to me- it means so much Lisha

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