Head, Shoulder, knees and THIGHS? LONG TIME NO SEE!


A while back when I started my pool project I ordered a scale that went up to 440 pounds soon after it started flashing red, meaning I was close to the weight limitations so I pushed it off to the side. I still haven’t finished my project, but I am very close to being able to set the pool on the concrete and hang the netting to keep the bees away. hopefully within the next few weeks I will be splashing and working out.Β  Because of my weight I exceed the limit for cheep pool ladders, so I just got a kiddy pool that is 30 inches deep and 8 feet round, with my walker next to the edge I can step over the side, the shower chair can be adjusted from 12 to 21 inches so it will be under the water and hold my weight.

Today for some reason I stopped on my way to the kitchen to make coffee and stepped up on the scale and I will be dammed, I registered in at 390 pounds, I thought I was awake when I saw my thighs this morning!Β  So all this running around and continued efforts to complete my goals is really starting to pay off. I could never have made it this far without the encouragement of Only I know the true me , Souldiergirl ,Tessa ,Lonely Jean ,Windmills of my mind , thanks to them I am holding on and staying as strong as I can.
My mom is not doing well, she is still refusing to eat, if she gets pneumonia I will loose her.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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9 thoughts on “Head, Shoulder, knees and THIGHS? LONG TIME NO SEE!

  1. It’s so kind of you to send thanks to your friends online, but don’t forget to recognise, that it ia actually YOU, that has done all the hard work. ☺😊

    It’s a shame your mum is unable to eat properly at the moment, fingers crossed she starts improving again.

    You are making huge progress, more than you realise.

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  2. Well done! So proud of you, I’m very low at the moment but when I read your posts I feel the urge to push myself further. You encourage me, even if it is to do something very small – but something I would not have done otherwise.

    I’m sorry to hear that your Mum is still refusing to eat 😦 hoping and praying that she will turn the corner soon and make a small improvement.

    Lots of love xxxx

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