Pain be Dammed! I’m On A Roll!


I spent the day at the hospital while my mother had a feeding tube inserted into her stomach. she was ready for her first meal in 20 days around 9:30pm tonight, I made sure that the night nurse was given her feeding orders and let them know that I had copies. At 8:15 pm the facility mom’s at called me and asked if they took x-ray of her stomach after her surgery to verify that the tube was installed correctly.

So before they will feed my mom they have to send her out for a x-ray to verify that the surgeon did his job correctly.  What is wrong with this world that they would rather starve a 75 year old woman than risk doing their job for fear of being sued. Each time they transport her I’m charged $50 each way, (it’s not about the amount of money) but she was at the hospital all day Why wasn’t this shit done before they released her?
3 trips to have procedures so she can be fed and they keep coming up with new excuses for stalling, meanwhile my mom is getting weaker and weaker. AND STILL NOT BEING FED!

I have never been into conspiracy theories but something is wrong with the whole thing from day one. I am honestly starting to believe that she’s on some kind of list, where because of her age, race,and income, that she’s marked to let her die. I am so afraid that they will put a pillow over her face during the night when I’m not there.
1. They would not released the pressure The bleeder  was causing to her brain causing her stroke.
2. After last rights and my sons brought out to say goodbye she continued to breathe on her own and communication by squeezing your hands.
3. Even though told she was allergic to morphine they gave it to her anyway making her throw up.
4. Day 4 still breathing on her own and now talking and using her right arm they wanted to install a feeding tube down her nose and throat  (then she couldn’t breathe or talk and would have to be put on life support) Not happening!
5. She was put in a room out of the ER, but still under the impression keep comfortable and allow to die.
6. Day 8 my fight for a IV to be given paid off  (hospital said that the IV would help sustainability of life, and she wanted no life support )No one listened to me or my mom that she was Not  ready to die and was trying to get better.
7. Day 10 doctor called me at home and said it’s time to let my mom go, that she was no longer responsive. I told him that she’s not on life support, that unless he was ready to put a pillow over her face to force her to stop breathing, he better start listening to me and stop giving her painkillers and I finally got a nutritional IV installed. 5 hours later she was responding again and trying to talk. After a pick line was installed for the IV   a transfer to a rehabilitation center was arranged.
8. Once again only the ER paperwork was transported and the nutritional IV taken away and orders given to allow to die comfortably. (even though she was coherent, talking and still breathing strong)

You all know the rest because of my daily updates, today mom had surgery and a feeding tube was installed directly to her stomach  (a option the hospital left out ) and returned to the rehabilitation center with the orders to start feeding at 9:30 pm.  Well the head nurse overrode that order that the tube could not be used until a x-ray verified that it was installed correctly. I was furious and had both the surgeon himself and the facility head doctor paged at home to ask why she was released from the hospital before the tube was verified it was installed correctly and in working order. Needless to say that surgeon was not happy about his work being brought into question!

My mother was given her first meal in 20 days at 10:15 pm through her G-tube.

Tomorrow, the medical equipment company that charged my bank account without my permission and starting and backing up mom’s car so I can put the pool in the carport  (the gazebo is taking way to long )
Hell, I’m on a roll, why stop now!

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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