Your Life is Judged by What Is Found, While You’re in the Hospital


Busy, busy, and busy!

Tried to get up early and did, but fell right back to sleep. I am not a morning person at all.  A true blue Night Owl, yep, that’s what I am.

My cousin took me to the bank, see mom, then find bills for me to pay and help with the dishes and kitchen.  She now understanding what a horder my mom turned into after my brother died. five huge trash bags today and not even a dent.  So depressing, someone’s loving memories tossed out BECAUSE IT IS ALL TRASH! I MEAN REALLY TRASH! (pens without ink, empty TP rolls, old pill bottles and such)

Cleaning agents from the 60’s and 70’s, can we say explosive! How the hell are we still alive?
My ankle is up for the moment and my cousin is cleaning up the kitchen, the dust that I can not see.  So much to go through and still not a dent. Only 105 degrees today so much cooler than last week, pretty bad when I think that 105 degrees is cool in anyway shape or form, sadly it’s the truth for this part of California.

I am thinking of starting a “Go Fund Me” to help me pay some of mom’s medical care and move her to a state where I will be able to have her and her nurse live at home so she is not left to rot in a rehabilitation center the rest of her life. something small with a view since she’s more than likely never walking again. Our place now is only 825 sq ft. But it’s a rental with steps so can’t add a ramp and honestly, this place is really to big for us.  But I need wider doors for a gurney or wheelchair to be accessible, and no steps. Just a thought, she has so many friends and has helped so many people during her lifetime.  What do all of you think? Her room now is a dark corner bed over looking the trashcans at the back of the building, they don’t even turn on her TV because the roommate cannot then hear hers. Since the roommate is vocal, she gets her way until I show up. I know that I wouldn’t want to live like that and I know that she doesn’t. For the next 6 months to a year she will be there for rehabilitation, but once they or I decide that’s the best she will recover, then I want her home to enjoy what life she has left. I hope to have a place for her to come home to (that we own) instead of a rental that once I get her set up the owners can’t say okay, move out because we sold the place. 
I am so confused, scared and need someone to talk to, my cousins and kids are no help so it’s up to me to fix something for mom or sign her off to the state, which I could never live with.

Someone please give me advice, ideas, suggestions!

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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4 thoughts on “Your Life is Judged by What Is Found, While You’re in the Hospital

  1. I don’t know what to tell you. We kept mom here to the end. Was it easy on my dad doing all that work. Know, but she was his wife and he wanted her here. I think it would be great for your mom if you can find a place like that and can bring her home. Those nursing homes are not the best atmosphere.

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  2. I think at this point you absolutely need to think of other options than where your mum is now, as you say this is not how she’d want to spend her last time, at the very least she deserves somewhere you know that she’d be comfortable and happy.

    It sounds to me like you’ve already made the decision on better care for her, now the next step is where in the future that will be.

    Do you know if there are any grants available where you live that could help pay towards adapting your home, not ideal as you say it’s too big for you guys anyway but I wonder if there is any type of funding through the government etc that could help you.

    I really think that you need to set up a funding page as well that could have time to circulate round and make some money towards her care, as these things also take time. We could all post it on our blogs for attention and let it get passed on.


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    1. Jean, I do know a master carpenter in oregon who will donate his time to build a tiny home for mom, as for the grants very hard to find here in the states, but I will look into ones where I want to move. I will be looking into a lot of things. Love you lots ♡♥♡

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      1. Please let me know if there’s anything you want me to research for you, I have a lot of free time and would be very happy to look into things for you.

        Lots of love xxxx

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