Turning that Frown into a Smile!


I know that this not the kind of thing I normally post, but I read it and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  This is so something my youngest son would have done. I dreamed all my life of being a mom and then a grandmother and life and fate took those dreams away from me, I was denied loving my own family and now my own grandson, but instead of allowing myself to get depressed and give up hope, I took all of my love and placed it wherever it was truly needed. I donate to a family in need the things I would have given my own family.  For my sons birthday, I bought a kitchen aid mixer for a newly married daughter of one of my old shipmates who is battling cancer.  When my grandson was born I bought a crib for couple that took over the raising of their siblings child when the mother died in childbirth.  These people are not my family, but when your own families treatment of you Sucks, you turn their negative into a positive impact for someone else, and suddenly you see the smile on faces of people you don’t really know and you are no longer sad, it is like a drug, that rush of making someone smile, and next thing you know you have let go of the memories of being hurt and you focus only on making others smile. You don’t have to buy things, you can donate, time, a helping hand, a kind word or even just a listening ear. I promised myself as a child that whenever someone hurt me, that I would go above and beyond to make sure no one else would ever feel that hurt that I felt if I could help it. I am still keeping that promise to myself.  So I am going to wake up every morning and remember to start my day with a soldier in my cup and smile. I hope that somehow this helps or inspires someone to turn their hurt into something meaningful.
Good Night

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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10 thoughts on “Turning that Frown into a Smile!

  1. I love you so much my friend, you feel like family to me. If money was no object, I would fly over tomorrow and spend time with you. I hope that is something I can do one day xxxx

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