Learning to Overcome Major Obstacles, Makes You Stronger, Whether or Not You Want it To!


So sorry I have missed the last few days. I didn’t realize that I did, time just slipped away from me. I have been having panic attacks over everything this week. I wasn’t feeling well over the weekend, had my yearly physical on Monday, I have more loss of movement and circulation in my left leg  (normally my good leg) I need to have a bone density, chest x-ray, and a few other tests I can’t begin to spell or pronounce. But all and all I am on track to my goals to get healthy naturally. I weighed in at 386 pounds, down from over 440 pounds at the beginning of the year, not bad, I’m on a roll.

Tuesday I still was extremely tired but hadn’t seen my mom since Friday so I went and started having a panic attack as soon as I went into the building.  Made the visit short, had my neighbor take me to the store for a few things that I was totally out of like cigarettes and I needed a cash advance to pay for the gas she used taking me to see mom.

Wednesday I wanted to jump into the pool, was getting ready and discovered that I had broken out in hives, so badly that just lifting my shirt ripped off most of my skin along my right side. I am diabetic so have to take all wounds very seriously, I sterilized the area and made honey packs so sadly the pool is still a virgin. I realized that this coming weekend is a holiday three day weekend and stores will be crowded so after seeing mom  (who is still improving ) I had to go back to the store to get things like dog and cat food, things that I would run out of before next Tuesday.  Early that day for mom’s physical therapy they called me and had mom talk to me, she could not dial or hang up but she held the phone and held a real conversation. Unfortunately this almost made me late to catch my ride to go see her, half way to the rehabilitation center, I realized I had forgotten to put my teeth in, panic started setting in, but I was able to stay calm by reminding myself, that I am ugly with or without teeth in since my upper denture is missing teeth and the rest have been glued in so many times they make me look and feel like snaggle tooth and I don’t care how much I get back into shape, false teeth once broken never look good again.  And unfortunately Medicare’s dental doesn’t cover replacement dentures.  Life Sucks, but keeps going even if you have to look ugly.

Today I have a migraine from hell, but have to get things done before the triple digits start all over again outside.  What I would do for a helping hand, or regain the energy of 10 people to get the work done.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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5 thoughts on “Learning to Overcome Major Obstacles, Makes You Stronger, Whether or Not You Want it To!

    1. I am trying dear friend, I told mom today that I’m taking the weekend off, that she can have the nurse call so she can talk to me anytime. I told her that the pool is up and I am going to swim all weekend. She understood and thanked me for handling everything. I need to find myself this weekend. before I end up in the ER, it’s time to just find me!


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