No One Has the Right to Abuse Your Kindness, Don’t Be Afraid to Block a Troll!


Even with the best intentions some times things just don’t work out.

Today, I am taking a stand, I want to make sure that everyone knows that sometimes you need to walk away and that it’s alright, you are not weak, or a failure, that some problems are Not for you to solve.

Each and everyone of us have our own unique problems that we express here on WP, by doing so, we hope that somehow we can come across someone who understands our problems and give support while we find our way out of the darkness. I personally have made some very good friends that I hope we will continue to travel together on our combined journeys.  Unfortunately, as with everything with good intentions, there are people who take advantage of us, pretending to be friends only to gain our trust and get us to care about them, once they are inside our circles, only then do they show their true colors, and for their own warped reasons begin to use our own fears and weaknesses against us. These people are called Trolls and for good reason. They lurk where there is darkness, any type of darkness, be it a illness, a bad day, or even self doubt.

They will start off by saying things twisted just enough to make us feel we said something wrong, making sure that our friends take notice, then they use your caring for them as a tool to manipulate you into a web that you feel you cannot get free from.
WRONG! You are Strong Enough to Walk Away, Block Them, whatever it takes, No One should Ever make you doubt your worth.
If anyone you meet over the Internet makes you feel uncomfortable, insecure, or makes you question what you believe, even if for only a second they make you doubt your worth, Please, red flag them in your mind and Don’t let them into your private life. For every one Troll, there’s a hundred real people who are really looking forward to hearing from you, care what happens to you and want to help you from their experience and not demand to talk only about their problems. It is not a friendship if it’s only one sided conversations, you have the right to vent and the right person will come along with the right uplifting, perspective words of wisdom to help you.
Don’t settle for Trolls, your life is already stressed enough, Block without any regrets!

Fortunate for all of us, WP let’s us express ourselves, away from family and those who are close to us but we can’t talk to about the truth of our inner most important thoughts and feelings. I, personally keep my WP life and real life very separate. I know that I have problems and I am working very hard to find a way to work through them, on WP, I can be completely honest without fear of getting fired, judging religious beliefs, or family members using it against me.
I use my Facebook to keep updated with cousins, old school friends but not my problems or personal information and thoughts. If I have allowed you to share both parts of my life, then I have complete trust in you always to respect the difference between the two.

Please be aware of who you allow into your personal circle, if someone you friended blows you off take heed and remember that once is forgivable but twice is a habit.
No one has the right to make you feel bad about yourself. I believe we all agree that we are really good at doing that all by ourselves, we have a great group of people here in this cyber universe, we have each others back, we are close knit and family and friends that support, lift and encourage, We Don’t put you down, twist your own words to hurt you, we Don’t threaten you, force you to fit in our world. The real people who belong here, we except you just as you are, no judgment, we find ways to help you know just how very special you are and how much you tribute to this world.

I wish there were a way to know who is honest and who is not, I can say, please trust your instincts, sometimes that is the only way. If you are not sure, ask another friend for advice on the situation. There is always a different perspective to every situation.
Good luck and keep bloging.

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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