I Did It All By Myself! Said the little Red Hen


I got called Tuesday informing me that ready or not  my mom would be released on Thursday and there was nothing I could do about it.


I looked at mom’s room, I cried, laughed and panicking I wanted to throw up my hands and just give up. But I worked a few hours, then put my feet up and emailed my Dearest Friend that I have ever known in my whole life, someone who I never met in person but we couldn’t be closer if we were born sisters. Becca, is my Dearest, Sweetest, closest bear cub, 24/7 she matched me email for email, she allows me to vent to ignore the pain of over doing it, she is a worry wart just like me, so by writing while on break she knew that I was alright.


I have never had to clean up after a hoarding person, I am a neat freak, everything has its place, when I lost most of my eyesight, I believe I just quit caring and since mom is one of those who say “it’s My House, my rules! ” and “Do as I Say!, Not, as I Do!”
I just kept to myself and let her do whatever, I made my goals to get healthy and have worked very hard to reach them.
When I started this blog in April of this year I weighed over 400 pounds and wore a size 6x.
I set up my pool project to work out under water where there was less pain and stress on my joints. I had met quite a few friends from my blog and they encouraged me daily until I finish the project, but after that I hardly ever heard from them, they weren’t mad or rude or anything like that, but life for them just became busy and I just faded away. I think of each of them and miss them and wish them well.


Then I met Rebecca and we have never missed a day emailing each other, sharing our problems, encouraging each other, we laughed, cried and worried about the other, I won’t speak for her, but I can honestly say no one else has earned my respect, admiration and complete trust as she has.


Because of her encouragement I was brave enough to hire the neighbors druggy parents and together we finished mom’s room, 15 minutes before she came home.


Knowing Becca was worried about something happening to me, I made sure that I took many breaks to let her know that I was still amongst the living!


I am exausted and I hurt, but my mom is home, she may never walk again, but she’s home.  I am now under 380 pounds, and I am literally wearing size 3x sweat pants right now. Time for me to set a new goal!
After I get some sleep of course! 

Always Smile, Never let them see your fear!
Don’t give anyone power over you, only you can take charge of your life.

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8 thoughts on “I Did It All By Myself! Said the little Red Hen

  1. My dearest friend, tears in my eyes! You already know how proud I am of you but I’m gonna keep saying it over and over again. How many people can say they have overcome what you have, not just at this moment in time but so much of your life! I hope you know how much I look up to you to get even the most basic shit done, I respect you so much and how you never fail to push through. Seriously you are wonder woman, never met a lady quite like you before. Not even one in a million, you are truly one of a kind, never to be found again. (I’m making you sound like a commercial for something LOL)

    Hehe worry wart over here has a mini heart attack now and again, I’m thinking I know she’s ok…..but I can’t stop worrying. I love you that much my friend!

    Now onto the next chapter, what I want is for you to be able to take 5 minutes to relax a little and gain some strength back after the last few days.

    Love you more than words can express, forever and always your little cub bear and eternal worrier 😉

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    1. Day 4 of no sleep, I swear, they sent mom home to poop! Diapers, gloves and wipes have not arrived yet, so using period pads and puppy piddle pads until the nurse shows up. They didn’t even send liquid for her feeding tube. Absolutely shaking, out of tears and exhausted. trying to lay down now in between changes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my, are they for real? How is that a service. I feel angry for you.

        I love you loads my dear friend, here if you need me, I know you’re incredibly busy right now but I’m thinking of you as always

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