What Kind of Motivation Do You Have?

Over the last year so much has happened, becoming a caregiver for my mom has been a very big challenge added to my own health goals. I was over 400 pounds when I started my blog, I worked hard on my pool project and started working out in water and got down to 390 pounds. Then as you know mom had a stroke, a windstorm tore the roof apart  and I had to drain the pool after it filled with debris. I had to set aside my goals and fight for my mom’s right to live. I have been trying once again to set up the pool, but taking care of mom is demanding and just getting over pneumonia I just don’t have any get up and go, I can barley walk, I have become very depressed thinking that my weight had returned to crush my ankles, I have trouble breathing when laying down and I just want to sleep. 

But, I have been eating right, I push myself every day and I fight my depression every single second of every day. I hate the pain, I hate having no time just to think or do something just for me, I haven’t been out of the house in 3 weeks since my volunteer went on vacation. I have had to cancel yet another doctors appointment, I was about to just give up and not get out of bed today but I did, and I even got on the scale and you know what?

I weighed in at 370 pounds, tomorrow I start replacing one meal a day with a nutrisystem shake, I am sick and tired of pain but I am not giving in to it. The living room project is finished, now the pool, kitchen and bedroom projects so no more time wishing for something better, it’s time to just push and make better happen!


2 thoughts on “What Kind of Motivation Do You Have?

    1. Kat, I believe in the “Spoon full of Sugar ” approach to life, if you don’t laugh at yourself and all the obstacles life brings you cannot make things happen. Things have to get done around here and no one else has offered. Thanks for believing in me.

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