Sometimes the Story is Better than the Cover.

It has been nearly a year since my mom has been bedridden and I have been locked inside my house except for the few hours a month a volunteer watches mom. I have been weeded out of all social circles and I myself, weeded out so called friends that disappeared when I was no longer paying when we went out. talk about a wake up call!

I have spent the last year getting to know a lot about myself without any outside influence and I find that I am worth knowing. I have learned to enjoy exploring the deep corners of my own heart. 

I love the saying I have chosen for today, because each of us has a story or novel inside just waiting to be read, loved, and enjoyed by someone else. Some of us spend more time on the cover to grab everyone’s attention but leaving nothing to the imagination to keep their interest on the story itself.  

Me, I am more the Dusty, Old, Leather bound, worn-out edges and dog-eared pages with faded gold embossed title, stuffed in the way back and bottom of the pile type of Book! The kind of book that only the true rare book enthusiasts will dig deep to discover. I am the snuggle in front of the fire, brandy or wine in hand while I entertain you all winter long type of Book!

Unfortunately, in our electronic age the ones who normally would enjoy my story have been enticed away and once out of sight I have become out of mind and forgotten. And today’s generation judge a book by random pages, thinking they will wait for the movie to save time. 

So is the status of my story, I have no hopes of finding a reader unless the Internet shuts down and people are reminded about the imagination and adventures and joy a really good book can bring to one’s own heart if they would only give it a chance.


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