Be Fierce!

And this is exactly what I have been busy doing!

I gave my Facebook friends and family notice that I will block them if all they post was negative stuff about our President. And the next day I did it, let go of many high school friends and cousins, and at first it was strange but now my life has become calm and peaceful and I find that I like mornings once again. 

Next will be the women’s rights postings, I’m all for equality, but don’t bitch about it when you get it! These people should be careful what they wish for, because equal means same treatment no matter your sex, which includes being able to register for a draft should it be called for. I from the days where women were 2nd class in the military and could only hold certain positions, deemed proper for women, so this is a really big step for them. Enough said!

I have been so busy with my mom’s health care, once again I tried to get a nurse to see her for a boil that broke on her lower back, 3 days went by and no one came or called. I once again had to do everything possible to do what I could to care for my mom. So I cleaned out the infection, let it drain, threw up in between changing, and soldiered on. I had some sterile dressing from when my parrot bit the pad off of my thumb left over, so I used that to cover the quarter sized hole across mom’s spine. I started putting unfiltered raw honey on the pad before putting it on and at day 3 of the honey treatment the hole is down to the size of a pea with no sign of infection. No pills, no doctors, just plain old love and common sense!

Today I claim to be my day of rest!

No chores, lots of sleep, and maybe a treat later in the day!

Welcome to a new year, a new President, and a new life!


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