I Asked For Strength, GOD, GAVE ME A CHICKEN!

Be very careful what you pray for, God has a wicked sense of humor!

The day before my 53rd birthday, I had two hours out of my house, so I took a cab to a restaurant and paid him to wait while I ordered to go. I ordered Lobster and Red shrimp grilled with asparagus, 3 deserts  (chocolate cake for me, mom, and the volunteer) and while waiting I ordered a Cadillac Margarita! My first margarita in nearly five years. I enjoyed every drop!

Going on my second year of taking care of mom, having finally gotten my son and his wife to put the car in their name so I am not responsible for something I no longer have and finally wining my battle with medi-cal and finally getting my social security back. I was starting to hope that 2017 was going to be a better year, but received a letter from the DMV that I needed to come in for a eye test before my license expired on 3-9-17 (why do I need a eye exam for a California ID?)

My volunteer had to find someone to babysit mom, make a appointment with the DMV, and take me there since I have panic attacks around large crowds. Couldn’t be done before my birthday so ordering the margarita was a very big deal to me!

Before leaving the volunteer prayed with my mom and I over heard them praying for extra strength and endurance for me to continue taking care of mom and myself and the animals. I didn’t think anything about it, sounded like a great idea to me!

I woke up the morning of my birthday, started coffee and my chores like any normal day. I put the dogs outback like I always do and started my laundry, when I heard a commotion of dogs going berserk and a noise I hadn’t heard since childhood, so I bolted out the door. God have mercy! The dogs had a chicken cornered in the carport!

Neither dog would listen to commands and I didn’t want a dead chicken so I turned on the hose to separate the animals. A hour of chasing the dogs I got them in the house and dried off. My neighbor came over to help catch the chicken, but she was so small and stayed just beyond reach. She had no bands and the neighborhood is full of hidden coops. My neighbor would keep me informed if anyone is asking about a missing chicken. So with heart pounding I went back inside to check on mom and the dogs. 

Over the next few weeks I have;

1. run up and down the back steps

2. Tried to train pumpkin pie to not chase the chicken  (she smells the chicken and goes into a trance of kill the chicken mode!)

3. Tried all kinds of leashes and harnesses and realized pumpkin pie is Houdini reincarnated!

4. Rearranged my whole life around a chicken I named Luk Luk! (L=lucky, U =unlucky, K =killing me)

5. Neither dog was going to go to the bathroom as long as the chicken was on the ground. So I waited until the chicken roasted on top of my punching bag in the carport each night to let the dogs outside to go and now wake up before the sun to let them outside, that seems to work and we have become vampires!

6. Mom and I now have a common ground for conversation each day. 

7. Tiara listens well and can go outside with me during the night just like she used to during the day, but pumpkin pie knows that somewhere in all the junk in the carport is a living squeak toy! (More like a one time only speak toy!) But can only be let out while supervised and for limited time. 

8. On the bright side I don’t have to worry about the bee’s stinging me at night, with all the citrus trees and flowers blooming it was scary going outside during the day. 

9. Two weeks in and the burning of muscles and crying myself to sleep has lessened somewhat. 

10. My heart still pounds hard, but it’s no longer choking me to catch my breath. 

11. Luk Luk, eats her weight in bugs daily, less spiders and snails, she can stay as long as she wants!

12. Gardener’s now know that I have a chicken and say she brings good luck. 

So, the way we tell the story around here is, we prayed for strength and God gave us a chicken!

She still stays just outside of reach but comes up to talk to me daily and doesn’t believe that my toes are not worms!

I’m even loosing some weight from chasing the dogs and cats to protect my little bug eater!


6 thoughts on “I Asked For Strength, GOD, GAVE ME A CHICKEN!

      1. Not a problem, sweet girl is still with me, in fact I plan on taking her with me, she’ll have to be in the dog run until spring and we find what wildlife we have at the new house. Glad you enjoyed my post.

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