Blind Faith

August has never been friendly to my family and this year’s been exceptionally bad. First animal control did a door to door and we couldn’t find the paperwork so we ended up with a $821.00 30 day fix or pay ticket.

I’ll have to pay around $300.00 of it.

The next day we were served with a 60 day eviction notice, mom’s been renting here for 20 years, I’ve been here 15 years, that’s a lot of collected stuff to go through alone.

I put out a request to add us to everyone’s prayer list, my mom’s cousin is the only offer of help I’ve had. At least now my mom knows what is going on, when I first got notice she was taking medication and having more mini strokes so we were searching for the dogs paperwork quietly. Which we found but they need their rabies updated, so made vet appointments, arrangements for a babysitter and a ride both to the vet and to animal control to pay the tags and appeal the original ticket.

My cousin also found the original deed to mom and dad’s cemetery plots (they’re both named along with my deceased brother but I was never added )

So I need to get a notoriety to prove who mom is and that she wants my name added to the deed. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any birth certificate, death certificate to provide proof.

A family member of the deceased owner of our rental has their car stored behind our gate blocking the area we need to put a dumpster then a storage POD to be able to move out. I am getting tired of being nice, I am stressed enough trying to move everything into storage and find a place that we can keep our animals, who are the only family we have left. And what will happen to the chicken God gave me for my birthday?

I’m fighting depression, PTSD, panic attacks, fibromyalgia and type 2 diabetic almost out of my long lasting insulin, yet I am pushing myself beyond any boundaries I’ve ever had to. If I don’t take care of mom then who will? If allow myself to fall apart and break down then all is lost.

I can do this!

My cousin and I need to finish the office paperwork, clean out my brothers storage mostly trash since boxes crushed, then friends of my cousins in Ohio who live close by here in California will move mom’s heavy 1970’s bedroom set out to the curb around the 1st week of September which is around the time mom’s HUD housing voucher package should arrive.

Now for total Blind Faith part, I am doing what is expected of me by making arrangements to be out of the house before October 15th, being on social security, I can’t rent a storage POD and people to help and moving van and pay rent on the new place and this place also so I’m not paying rent in September or October, she waited until I paid August’s rent to have me served without a care of moving mom. POD will hold our belongings until we find a place to live but we won’t even know what we qualify for until the paperwork arrives, giving us less than a month to get it approved and signed to move in. What about medicine, food, diaper supplies, phone service? What about mom and I and the animals? I guess I have to have faith that everything will work out!

Stay tuned for more!


2 thoughts on “Blind Faith

    1. Kat, I have melt downs, but I have such a will to survive that I keep finding strength somewhere. Right now I believe I’m pulling from my toes, I truly need a breather. So much to do before I can even go to sleep tonight to just be ready for tomorrow.

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