Undying Hope!

Making a check list for all the things that have to be done before the move. 

I had my “What IF?” Freak out last night and I didn’t like it one bit!

This morning I got a grip on my fears and remembered that I still have hope, and my faith that everything happens for a reason and that what is truly needed God will provide in his time, NOT mine.

My job is to trust in God while taking care of my mom and getting things in order for the move, whenever that happens. As long as I do my very best at my part, God will come through and provide his part, a house in a safe environment for mom and I. 

The hardest part of getting my list done is NOT knowing where to transfer everything, so all belongings will be put into storage except for the essentials we use every day. Utilities will have to wait until we have a new address. Mom actually has been wonderful reminding me hourly that God will provide, we have a lot of people praying for a place to become available before October 1st.

Of course our biggest stress is our children (pets) ALL are rescued, clover has traveled everywhere with me since 1996, the cat’s we bottle fed after we found them in the field, they’re nearly 10, and Tiara and Pumpkin were left inside a kennel to die at a abandoned puppy mill, mom and I saved 27 dogs that day. After loosing my dog of 17 years the day before, mom and I decided to keep the two that were not expected to live and were to damaged to adopt out, that was 6 years ago. Tiara checks on mom And let’s me know if something is wrong, and Pumpkin trained herself to let me know if my insulin is high or low. And then there is the wild chicken God brought into my life on my birthday last year,  when we prayed that I needed strength to continue taking care of my mom. None of these have run away or died so that’s telling me God will keep our family together. 

Of course I broke out in shingles with all the stress, making moving around a lot slower, God’s WAY of telling me to breathe and take it one slow step at a time! (Ha,ha!)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Please continue to pray for mom and I, that a safe environmental home will become available and that a driver for the uhaul for the essentials and a handicap van for mom will come forward since I no longer have a driver’s license. 


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