Just Because It’s Not Fresh, Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Taste GOOD!

Frozen chicken patty

Frozen vegetables

Spaghetti sauce

Sourdough bread

Pepper jack cheese

Having found only a few of my pots and pans, not my spatula or spoons and the oven is still blocked by boxes; movers, all volunteers from the church filled my U-shaped kitchen with boxes!🤤and being legally blind, have been crazy trying to learn my new house and unpack and take care of my mom.

Anyway, the 2nd of February will be two months here alone without a way to get to a store so I have been forced to use my imagination to feed us. I find my dry goods through Amazon, frozen vegetables and fruits through Schawns, salads from Dominos Pizza, MEAT from Omaha steak, and water from sparkletts ALL of these delivered to the house.

I am trying to start vegetables and fruits inside the house to be planted outside when it warms up (average night’s are 30 degrees right now)

It can only get better from here



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