New Beginning!

I had a chance to just sit down today and look around. My first true relaxing moment since moving to our forever home.

As I looked around I noticed the subtle changes that are starting to happen. The dirt packed back yard is starting to level out. Grass is starting along the side of the house, I haven’t watered we had one night of rain in December, but it gives me hope that things do grow up here.

I’ve been so busy taking care of mom and settling into the new house that I didn’t realize I’ve only been here since December, that I’m blind and had to learn my new house. I have had to be creative making meals having no way to get to a store, both of my neighbors are never home so absolutely no help what so ever.

Each day I get up and push myself beyond every fiber of my being, I get angry at myself for trusting people who let me down, yet I continue to trust and have hope that one day I will make a friend. Maybe I should wish more for courage to leave the gates of my property, to take a shower when no one is here to watch mom.

I look around and sure we don’t have fresh food but it’s ordered and on its way. We don’t have any money in the bank, but ALL bills are paid up and current!

We have no vegetables but have ALL the seeds I could ask for and just need to get them planted.

We have no one who cares about us, but we have each other and ALL the animals are STILL alive!

Looking around I am amazed that I have done all this ALL by myself!


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