In the Eye of the Storm

So here it’s June and we are still alive. What a whirlwind of a year it’s been. I have spent so much energy and time on taking care of my mom that hospice deemed her going to live and dropped her! Unfortunately, they didn’t wait until the new insurance kicked in and we are in limbo without help until we fight through all the RED Tape. We were approved to have safety handles installed in the shower, unfortunately he left such a mess, I haven’t had time to vacuum the shower and tub so can’t use them yet. All that drywall and tile dust will clog the drains so can’t take the chance until I can get to cleaning up.

With the weather stuck in the 100’s I just don’t have enough energy left to do the extra work. Taking care of mom and animals in this heat has taken 1st priority then trying to put heat reflection film on the Windows has just zapped me!

But it’s getting done, one step at a time!

On the positive side, my glucose levels are down in the morning from 300’s to high 100’s!

Still no store deliveries in my area, so meats come from Omaha steak, and vegetables come from Schwans and dried goods either from Amazon or Boxed. My high school friend and her daughter still try to come once a month to watch mom while the other takes me to the store to get dairy products and fresh vegetables.

Our house is starting to look like a home, slowly but surely, one box at a time. Honestly, I’m surprised I can still function, the hospital bed broke at the lowest level and really strained my back trying to change mom. Thank God, that was fixed yesterday! But need cooler weather to do laundry and housework, 100’s during the day and 80’s during the night, just making tea heats up the whole house. Each paycheck I get something to help cool the house, fans, personal space coolers, window films, really trying to keep my spirit up through everything!


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